Haliks Innovative formula from nature

AHA-BHA foam for head and body skin care to restore skin’s natural protection and improve its health.

Haliks: Innovative formula from nature
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For scalp, face and body skin

Haliks: foam for hair
Haliks: foam for face
Haliks: foam for body
Haliks: foam for hand
Haliks: foam for foot

AHA-BHA FOAM HALIKS can be used for scal, face and body skin care.

Why to use HALIKS foam?

Skin Flaking

Skin Flaking

AHA-BHA foam HALIKS is you aid in restoring the natural protective barriers of skin, improving its look and preventing flaking.
Dry skin

Dry skin

HALIKS foam moisturizes, eases and relieves the irritation. HALIKS strengthens the skin’s natural protective properties against the adverse environmental factors (microbes, allergic agents, household chemicals).


HALIKS foam is your solution for quick and simple minimisation of dandruff on scalp. Applied on skin, HALIKS foam is absorbed quickly and does not need to be rinsed.


Universal HALIKS foam minimises psoriasis symptoms (itching, flaking, erythema). It can be applied to scalp and body skin.

How does HALIKS foam work?


The foam contains partially neutralized synergetic alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) complex consisting of lactic acid, glycolic acid, citric acid, apple acid and tartaric acid. The complex is supplemented by moisturising agents (oligosaccharides and carbamide) to help retain the natural skin’s moisturising factor in the horny layer of skin.


The added active agents like low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and natural ectoin are strong moisturizers capable to repair and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier to retain moisture in the deepest layers of epidermis, to decrease dryness, flaking, redness and discomfort, as well as to recover skin’s protective functions.


HALIKS foam contains natural ectoin that is a scientifically proven agent having strong anti-inflammatory effect – it protects the epidermis cells from the impact of oxidative stress and improves water transportation to the cells thus ensuring immediate relief of the discomfort caused by the inflammation (itching, redness, dryness). Moreover, ectoin is completely safe – it does not cause allergies and habituation.


The foam has soft exfoliating effect. Specially selected alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) and beta-hydroxy acids (BHA) ensure gentle exfoliation of the dead cells on scalp and body and repair skin. The patented dermosoft® decalact liquid complex helps normalising the skin’s microflora in case of seborrhoea (adipose gland malfunction).

How to use HALIKS?

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About us

I am practicing dermatologist and every day I deal with treating patients with various skin conditions. I have directly participated in development of HALIKS foam, putting in all my knowledge and experience gained over the years of practice that helped me to have better understanding patients’ need for a universal and easy-to-use product for skincare in cases of various skin conditions. This foam is really easy to use on scalp and body skin, it is safe and efficient.

Tatiana Linova

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